(Stick to beverages with zero or low amounts of calorie e.g. Water and green tea)

We’ve all been told that carbonated drinks and processed fruit juice are bad for your health. In an effort to curb the use of such beverages, the government recently introduced a colour coding system to reveal the sugar content. However, it is up to each individual to stick to drinking beverages with the least amount of sugar and calories to stay healthy. Let us take a look at the available options.


Water keeps you going and fuels almost all bodily functions and regulates body temperature. While it is essential that you drink water, it is also an option that you can choose in place of sugary commercial beverages. Water is a beverage that contains no calories, preservatives or chemicals, making it the freshest and the healthiest beverage of all. You can improve your metabolism with ample water in your system and manage your caloric intake as water produces fullness in your stomach preventing excessive consumption of food. Water is essential to carry oxygen and nutrients to cells in your body. Water flushes out toxins in your body and prevents dehydration. However, take care to avoid falvoured water for those are full of sugar, artificial colouring and preservative.

Green Tea

Natural green tea is one of the healthiest beverage options available. Green tea tends to improve blood flow and lower cholesterol and plays a significant role in preventing certain heart related diseases such as high blood pressure and congestive heart failure. Green also seems to help people with diabetes to keep their blood sugar level stable. Green tea catechins (a type of a phenol and antioxidant) can help with the damages of a high fat diet by lowering cholesterol. Though it would be wrong to claim that consumption of green tea directly leads to weight loss, drinking it instead of a sugar infused drink will definitely help you maintain a healthy body weight.