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In today’s competitive corporate environment, we strive to achieve more to be more competitive, stay ahead and be successful at work and in society. This often results in an unhealthy life style in the name of working hard and achieving success, resulting in reduction of productivity, efficiency and overall engagement by the employee.

The modern day productivity tools carry significant emphasis in wellness of the workforce. The traditional thinking of wellness has always been conducting an employee screening program to assess the health status and provision of an insurance scheme to address curative needs. How ever year on year the corporate heads find that the insurance claims also keep rising and alarmingly health indices are getting worse.

It is apparent that in this traditional model, there are no provisions to stop the workforce from getting worse or getting in to an illness from a high risk situation.

In response to this ,we at ayubo have looked at global models and have adapted a corporate wellness model aligned with modern wellness tools and interventions.

We bring this to you in  the form of, Sri Lanka’s first Health & Wellness Application

The mission of is to ‘Help our corporate members gain awareness on wellness, make choices that suit them and make it easier for them to embrace these choices to be successful in their lives!’

We believe every corporate employee is different. We bring together experts in terms of health, fitness, nutrition and mental health and provide access to wellness solutions digitally bringing the best of health & wellness to your fingertips and incorporating them into your corporate life style thus driving culture & attitude of wellness in you and the corporate you represent.

We make access to healthcare easier so that at that odd time when you need some attention, professional help is close at hand; we give you a place to keep all the healthcare information you collect over time and present that in a timeline; you can sync in all the data you generate via your wearables whether it’s fitbit, applewatch or anything else and information from diet apps; we bring elements of competition as sometimes there’s nothing like a bit of pressure to get us to stay on course !

We will demonstrate at a glance the state of “Company health”, In the form of dash board designed just for you. The dash board is based on real time data and can be crafted as  per the requirements of the company. We have designed this in a simple manner to be able to incorporate into company goals and employee related KPI’s, if that is a requirement.

Whilst doing all this, we assure absolute confidentiality of individual information and corporate information in this life changing journey both for the employee and the corporate.

We work hand in hand with the corporate administration to introduce and embrace the culture of wellness, help members make choices that suit them best, to take  a wellness journey that would bring enhanced performance and employee engagement.


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