Emotional intelligence is the ability to identify and manage your own emotions and the emotions of others. Emotionally intelligent people display high levels of self-awareness, emotional control, self-motivation, empathy and good social skills.

A person’s level of emotional intelligence is measured in terms of Emotional Intelligence Quotient or EQ, a term derived from IQ or intelligence quotient. Many experts are now of the view that EQ is even more important than IQ when it comes to predicting success, quality of relationships and overall happiness. However, this correlation works both ways and people who are happier and enjoy good relationships also tend to have a higher EQ.

So how do you build your emotional intelligence to lead a great life?

Physical Fitness: Taking care of yourself physically and managing your levels of stress are essential to being happy. Exercise is a big part of this and with hectic schedules is often easily neglected. But now, with apps like ayubo.life that connect you with others and provide virtual challenges to keep you motivated, there’s little excuse to skimp on exercise. Exercise also manages stress levels and gives you a sense of wellness overall. It also elevates mood and leads to higher levels of happiness, which are both essential for a higher EQ.

Mental Fitness: Your outlook and attitude to life can also mean the difference between a high EQ or a low EQ. Tuning your mental state to one of positive openness can change your life and even fight depression and mood swings.

Having a high EQ will help you:

Resolve Conflicts: When you can understand others actions and feelings, you can easily resolve conflicts, sometimes even before they start. A Higher EQ also lets you easily understand what others want resulting in better quality relationships.

Have Great Relationships: By being in a state of mind that’s positive, open and happy you’ll find yourself communicating more openly and in a very constructive way. You’ll also be able to understand people better so you’ll be a pleasure to be around.

Lead The Way: Being able to understand others and what motives them means that you can positively influence them. This will make you a better leader as you’ll be able to build stronger teams by strategically using diverse personalities to your team’s advantage.

You Can Be Successful: With increased emotional intelligence, you’ll have no shortage of motivation and with abundant motivation nothing can stop you from turning dreams into reality. The ability to see beyond the ‘veil’ of emotion, delay gratification and take a long term view of things will give you an edge in life and increase your probability of success.

You can increase your EQ!

Observe your emotions and understand that they don’t control you. Don’t suppress them, but don’t let them control you. Just observe them and learn about yourself. This is essentially what meditation is about and it alone will help you massively increase your EQ.

Don’t react to situations and emotions! Instead, respond to them. There’s a big difference between a reaction and a response. One is unconscious and uncalculated and often self-defeating. The other is conscious, calculated and self-preserving.

Take care of yourself! The best way to do this is to get enough exercise, at least 30 minutes 3 to 5 times a week. Use apps like ayubo.life to help you stay motivated and track your progress.

If you would like to learn more about emotional intelligence and harness its power to live a happy and successful life, then be sure to check out ‘Emotional Intelligence: Towards a Happier and More Successful Life’, which is a series of eight stand-alone 10-20 minute audio-booklets that can help you become more emotionally intelligent. The set of 8 costs LKR 1000 but you can opt to buy them separately for just LKR 250.

Finally, remember that Emotional Intelligence is less a state and more a journey and you can always be better than you are today. So go ahead, be the best you can be, every day!