Jogging is a great form of medium to high intensity steady-state cardiovascular exercise. The benefits of exercise on the body are many and include elevated mood, reduced risk of chronic disease and overall better health and fitness, not to mention improved physical appearance. However, since jogging is a mildly strenuous exercise, it’s important to be properly geared up for the activity. In addition to this, like with all exercise it’s essential to be disciplined, track your progress and stay motivated. Fitness tracking apps like are the best way to ensure that you stay on target. That’s why, in this article we’ll be looking at how and why you should gear up before you jog.

Gearing up properly with the appropriate clothing and footwear is essential to ensure that your jog is a calm, pleasant and comfortable experience. In addition to this, the choice of the right gear for the purpose will ensure that you protect your body against injury and undue damage.

What You Wear Under Is Important

What you wear underneath is important and doesn’t just include your underwear. This ‘base layer’ should be tight fitting, creating a second skin effect that provides muscle support while making it easy to move. These garments should be made of breathable materials and include shorts and track pants designed for jogging or running, along with sports bras for women. Base layer clothes must always be made of breathable, ventilated fabrics that can protect against chaffing, which can be problem for dedicated joggers.

Breathable On Top Too

On top of the base layer, you should consider wearing a breathable t-shirt. When you jog, it’s important to keep your body temperature steady and your skin relatively dry regardless of the intensity or length of your jog. Breathable materials effectively wick away sweat while you are exercising, helping your body to maintain a stable temperature and keep your skin relatively dry, which will keep you comfortable. This will help you exercise to your full potential without undue fatigue. Avoid cotton t-shirts and other garments as these tend to soak up sweat and become uncomfortable and may even cause you to feel too cold, even in our tropical weather. When jogging in cold, wet or extremely windy weather, you should consider wearing windbreakers or other appropriate clothing on top of what has already been discussed.

Get Your Shoes Right

Next, you should ensure that you have a good pair of shoes designed for jogging or running. This is the most fundamental measure you can take to protect against injuries. Purpose designed shoes provide midsole foot cushioning for comfort, arch support for stability, general design features for comfort and stability and to prevent injury along with the possibility for improved athletic performance due to increased comfort and stability.

Now you’re geared to go, it’s time to be disciplined, track progress and keep yourself motivated. This is where fitness tracking apps can help you. They push you to reach your goals and track your progress even while you sleep so you make the best of your workout.

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