How it works

At we believe in ‘enriching lives by making health & wellness accessible to all’, and strive to revolutionize the healthcare and wellness space in Sri Lanka.

Our three stage approach combining promotion of a healthy lifestyle, early detection, and condition management, is delivered through breakthrough digital technology, world class facilities, and dependable customer service, delighting our customers and partners alike.

What do you want to do?

What We Do

Wellness Challenges

Join or create wellness challenges to engage with friends, family, colleagues, and anyone on the platform.


Social media feature where you can view, interact with and comment on featured content and achievements of friends, families, communities, companies, and more.

Workout/Fitness Tracking

Track your workouts and fitness. Monitor the impact, history, and improvement over time.


Consult doctors as well as wellness and fitness experts.
Virtual consultation via telemedicine technology or physical consultation via appointment scheduling.
Use the video call feature to video conference with a doctor or consultant.

Medical Report Management

View, manage, and archive your medical reports and history.
Allow medical consultants would to view your medical history; help them understand and keep you healthy.

Medication Delivery

Have medication delivered directly to your doorstep or workplace.

Connect Consumer Medical Devices

Connect easy-to-use medical devices designed for consumers.
Enable more frequent measurements and detailed trend analysis.


Join communities to engage with and challenge people with similar interests and backgrounds.

Health Marketplace

Have access to the best products and wellness services to help you achieve your health and wellness objectives

Diet & Relaxation Programs

Direct access to diet and relaxation programs by certified professionals, so that you can manage your eating habits and stress

Wearable Device Connectivity

Connect your favorite wearable devices and fitness trackers, that integrate directly into the application and can be used for fitness tracking and challenges