The importance of taking medication on time

Imagine that inside each of us is a finely tuned master clock driven by a tiny region of the brain that keeps us in sync with earth’s cycle of light and dark; which also directs a host of peripheral clocks found in our organs. This master clock is what commands the correct time to take certain medications. The body does not tolerate drugs optimally if they are taken at the wrong biological time. This is not to say that they are not effective at all, but considerably less effective.

To be effective, many medications needs to reach certain levels in your blood stream. Therefore, they need to be given at specific times, such as every morning, to keep the blood levels of the medication constant. Taking a dose too soon could lead to drug levels that are too high causing adverse effects, whereas missing or delaying a dose would lead to a lower amount of the drug in your system, which causes it to function sub-optimally.

Tips to take medication on time;

  • Take your medication at the same time everyday
  • Tie your medication with a daily routine like brushing your teeth
  • Use a pill container to organize your medication
  • Re-fill your pill container at the same time each week so that you don’t forget to do it (for example: every Sunday morning after breakfast)
  • Set an alarm for the time the medication needs to be taken
  • When travelling, carry extra medication in case your return is delayed
  • If you are flying, keep your medication in your hand luggage