Appropriate footwear for walking

Spending a whole load of money on branded sports shoes doesn’t always guarantee the right fit or features. Aim to get a shoe that provides excellent support, cushioning and fit in the middle price range. After all, all we want to do is burn the calories and not cash! They should be lightweight and breathable with the cushioning being thickest at the heel. The shoe should be flexible enough to bend in your hands.


How to get the right fit;

  • Grab the shoe at the ball and heel. Bend the shoe from front to back. The shoe should bend near the ball of the foot. Then find the “heel counter”, a stiff cup sewn in to the back of the shoe to provide heel support. Squeeze this cup into the shoe. It should be very stiff and not collapse inward.
  • Shop for shoes after you’ve been walking for a while, and later in the day, when your feet are at their largest.
  • Ask the sales person to measure both your feet. Stand while your foot is measured to get the most accurate measurement.
  • Try on the shoes wearing the socks you will wear when you are walking.
  • Allow ½ inch between the end of your longest toe and the end of the shoe. If one foot is larger than the other, buy the larger size.
  • Be sure the shoe is wide enough. The ball of your foot should match the widest part of the shoe and you should have plenty of room for your toes to wiggle without experiencing slippage in the heel.
  • Walk in the shoes before buying them. They should feel comfortable right away. Make sure your heel fits snugly in each shoe and doesn’t slip as you walk.


Your shoes will lose their cushioning after five to six months of regular use. So, it is important to replace your shoes regularly. If they are no longer absorbing the pressure, you are more likely to sustain knee and ankle injuries.
Walk around on a hard surface in the shoes before buying them. By doing this you can see what kind of support and cushioning you get. Once you get the right shoes, taking steps to a healthyier life will feel much more comfortable.