Years of research confirm that an adult requires seven to eight hours of sleep a night to stay healthy. Too little sleep can affect your mood, weight and overall health. If you’ve been stingy with your sleep schedule and spent too much time staring at your laptop or mobile phone, here are few reasons to change your behaviour.


Various studies conducted by experts have found a connection between inadequate sleep and certain health issues such as heart disease, diabetes and obesity. Some argue that sleep loss induced health risks only becomes serious after a considerable number of years. However, others have conducted focus group studies which indicated even a few days of disturbed sleep can cause problems such as elevated blood glucose levels. Further, your immune system is likely to function better if you get enough rest.

Weight control

Sleeping the recommended seven to eight hours helps you to maintain your weight at a healthy range. This is largely linked to other healthy lifestyle behaviours that contribute to maintain a healthy weight. If you are exhausted due to lack of sleep it is unlikely that you would have sufficient energy to exercise or even cook a healthy meal.

Lowering risk of injury

Getting enough sleep will help you to avoid unnecessary accidents and injuries. Sleep deprivation can cause vehicle accidents and many other serious disasters. When you don’t get enough sleep your body gets tired. The more exhausted you are the harder you lose your power of concentration.

Learning and memory

Ample sleep is essential for increased learning abilities and improved memory. While the connection between sleep, memory and learning are yet to be completely unraveled, multiple studies have shown that sleep has a profound impact on memory and learning. There are two ways in which sleep contributes to a person’s learning abilities. First of all, if you get enough sleep your ability to concentrate improves and vice versa. Effective concentration is the stepping stone to efficient learning and comprehension of concepts. Secondly, sleeping plays a key role in consolidation of memory which is imperative for acquiring new information.

Easier way to deal with pain

If you are suffering from pain caused by a recent injury or an illness, sleeping longer may make you hurt less as your body will be able to handle pain with ample rest.

Better mood

Ask any parent and they would tell you that children get cranky if they don’t get enough sleep. The same applies to adults, even though they may be better prepared to handle their own moods. It is hard not to get irritated when you are exhausted.