No doubt, you’ve been told millions of times that you have to start off your day with a glass of water but you are only vaguely aware of the reasons behind this sound advice. Let us look into those valid points in detail.


After you’ve been asleep for 7 or 8 hours, your body will dehydrate. Drinking water in the morning will help your system to rehydrate and increase the flow of oxygen. Moreover, 76% of your brain tissue comprises water and if you are dehydrated you may feel drained. Hydrate yourself to feel energetic and prevent certain types of headaches.

A well-functioning digestive system

Presence of ample water in the digestive tract helps to purify your colon and allows the body to absorb more nutrients. When you drink enough water, the food digestion process functions better. This will allow you to avoid common problems such as constipation.

Burn calories

Once your body receives ample liquid early in the morning, it will start a process that brings the water to the normal body temperature which then in turn accelerates your metabolism and burn calories. If your metabolism functions at the correct speed your body will burn calories faster. On the other hand, your metabolism will slow down to preserve energy if there isn’t enough water in your system.

Reduce consumption of excessive calories

This is something that is works throughout the day. When you drink enough water the stomach tends to produce a sensation of fullness which will prevent you from unnecessarily stuffing yourself with a lot of food. If you need to lose weight or keep your weight down, it is a good idea to start your day with a stomach replenished with water to reduce your caloric intake.

Flush out toxins

When there is enough water in your body, your system will flush out toxins through sweating and urination. This is why people who drink plenty of water, especially in the morning tend to have healthy, glowing skin.

The bottom-line is drinking water is important to stay energetic and maintain a healthy body and mind.