What is Obesity?

A person is said to be obese when abnormal or excessive fat accumulation that presents a health risk is observed in the individual. The simplest method of classification of normal, overweight and obese people is BMI or Body Mass Index. Fitness apps like ayubo.life come built in with BMI calculators.

Obesity is the result of an energy imbalance between the number of calories consumed and the number used up by the body in a single day.  

What You Eat Matters!

The cliché that, ‘we are what we eat’ is usually true. What we eat each day has a big impact on our health and well-being now and in the future. Smart choices when it comes to food, coupled with regular exercise will let you reach and stay at a healthy weight. Maintaining a healthy weight through a healthy diet will lower your risk of chronic diseases like heart disease, cancer and diabetes. The simplest way to maintain your weight is to start a food journal to track exactly what you eat each day. This will ensure that you stay on track and don’t over indulge.

There are numerous benefits to tracking your food. Here are some of them:

  • Increased accountability – You’re more likely to stick with a diet plan because it’s on record. Showing it to others can increase your accountability even more.
  • It’s quick and easy.
  • Accurate Awareness – The more accurately you record your intake, the more you can learn about yourself and your habits. Don’t forget to track the extras like the teaspoon of sugar in your coffee. Everything adds up. You can use this information to figure out where you may be lacking in terms of diet and where you may be overdoing it.
  • Detecting Intolerances – Do you feel funny sometimes after a meal? Maybe you have some kind of intolerance to a particular variety of food. Since you’ll be noting down what you eat, if you feel funny, you can note that down too and may be you’ll notice a pattern.
  • You’ll Lose Weight – Studies have clearly shown that food tracking helps people lose that extra weight.

Lose 5 Kilos in Just 8 Weeks

Are you trying to lose those few extra kilos? Then you should start right away by keeping a food journal and recording what you eat each day. You can fast track your progress by joining ayubo.life’s Lose 5kg in 8 Weeks programme, which comes with a daily diet plan for 8 weeks, healthy tips daily, free chat options with a nutritionist, healthy recipes, articles and pop-up notifications/reminders for meals.

In addition to this, ayubo.life presents you with an assortment of fitness challenges and tracking features that will let you stay on top of your exercise and eating plans. The key to successfully weight loss is a commitment to adopting a healthy diet and lifestyle and ayubo.life can help you maintain that delicate balance. But the main thing is to commit. So get on board ayubo.life today and commit to losing 5 kilos of excess weight in just 8 weeks.

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